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I did my Health & Safety courses in Lords Safety Academy and passed at my first attempt with good score. They are having well experienced and internationally certified HSE Trainer. His teaching method, the way he encouraged and motivated each student was appreciable. The institutions ambience is very pleasant and good to study. Thanks to Lords Safety Academy for their excellent coaching and support.

Abhijith Vijayan HSEO – Qatar

The Lords Safety Academy teaches in a unique way, making complex HSE concepts in a simple manner with excellent guidance. They are very professional and good at explaining the HSE subjects, always giving useful tips and advice to students. They are definitely one of the best teachers I have ever experienced. Learning HSE courses from them really helps to understand HSE concepts better.

Hafiz Shereef HSEO – UAE

Completing my safety courses under the guidance of our experienced trainer has been an enlightening and empowering journey. Throughout the course, we were fortunate to learn from a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience across various industries including airport, seaport, refineries, petrochemical plants, oil/gas facilities, construction sites, and marine environments. What set this course apart was its practical approach. Every safety topic was tailored to real workplace scenarios, making the learning experience not just informative but also highly relevant. I highly recommend this course to anyone seeking to enhance their safety knowledge and skills.

Aljith HSE Advisor – Qatar

Completing the Health and Safety courses under the guidance of our well experienced and knowledgeable trainer have been an incredibly enriching experience. Throughout the duration of the course, our trainer drew upon vast experience across different industries, providing us with a comprehensive understanding of health and safety practices applicable to various workplaces. Lords Safety Academy is one of the best choices to start off your HSE career. They are providing quality trainings in Health, Safety and Environment. Thanks to Lords Safety Academy for their excellent coaching, support and motivation throughout my safety career.

Athul Mohan HSEO – UAE

What made this course truly standout was its practical approach. Each safety topic was taught with real-world relevance, emphasizing the importance of implementing safety measures in our day-to-day work environments. One of the highlights of the course was the incorporation of safety videos. These videos not only reinforced the importance of safety practices but also provided visual demonstrations of potential hazards and their consequences. This interactive learning approach kept us engaged and enhanced our understanding of key safety concepts.

Leo HSEO- Saudi Arabia

After completing safety courses at Lords Safety Academy, I can confidently say that it's been an invaluable experience for kick starting my career in Health, Safety, and Environment. What really stood out for me was the emphasis on practical learning. Every safety topic was elucidated with relevant workplace examples, supplemented by associated safety documents. The skills and knowledge I acquired during the courses proved to be instrumental in cracking interviews and securing my first job in the HSE field. I am immensely grateful to Lords Safety Academy for providing me with the foundation I needed to launch my career successfully. Their commitment to excellence and practical teaching methods make them a standout choice for safety education.

Ashlak Razan HSEO – UAE

My trainer played a crucial role in identifying and addressing my challenges while preparing for the international HSE exams, resulting in me achieving commendable scores on my initial attempt. I am deeply grateful to my trainer for their exceptional guidance and valuable academic assistance.

Nidhin Safety Officer - Qatar

I have completed my safety courses at Lords Safety Academy, and I must say, it was a game-changer for me. They've got this amazing HSE trainer who's not only super experienced but also internationally certified. What's cool is how they teach everything using real workplace examples and safety documents. It's like you're learning what you'll actually use on the job. Being a fresher in the HSE field, having that hands-on knowledge really boosted my confidence. Their teaching style and the quality of education they provide are top-notch.

Hari Safety officer – UAE

Lords Safety Academy is one of the best safety training institute for learning any Health, Safety and Environment courses. I recommend Lords Safety Academy as an excellent place where one can explore a career in the HSE domain. Thanks to the academic team for the excellent training and support.

Rahul HSEO – Bahrain

Completing the health and safety courses with our knowledgeable and experienced trainer was really helpful. The trainer had experience in different industries, so we learned a lot about different safety issues with each industry. What was great about the course was that it was workplace scenarios from each industry. I am really satisfied with the training and positive atmosphere in the class.

Vishnu HSEO-Qatar